Saturday, June 9, 2012

Why I hate the Hitachi Magic

The classic Hitachi Magic Wand is the old reliable, go-to vibrator for many women, for so many reasons. However, I am not one of them!

Its not the prettiest sex toy on the market, it's loud and not exactly subtle. But these have nothing to do with why I hate this toy so much!
With all the talk about how much these toys are awesome and beloved I thought I'd give my two cents on why I cant stand this toy:
  • It's powerful. Too powerful. Plain and simple, it provides too much of a sensation to my clit and along my vulva. I've had friends say to temper the intensity with a towel, but I find that if I dont want to use a toy on all its settings at least some of the time, then the toy turns out to be a waste of money which I absolutely hate.
  •  It's fast. Too fast. Ok, so this kind of goes along with number one with it being power, but I think it deserves its own designation because its a BIG problem for me. The toy has two settings, and neither work for me. I enjoy my warm up time. Its part of why I masturbate. Why would I want to take that away? 
  • It's bulky. It gives my right arm a workout. I'm sorry, but when it's me time. I dont want a work out or have my arm go tired. This is not what my masturbation sessions are about.
  • It's expensive enough for it for me to not want one of my own. I've only used them on sets during forced orgasm shoots and truth be told that might be another reason why I do not care for the toy, but I digress. The toy is more than I like to spend and since I would not be using it as my "go to" toy, its too expensive. My studio and my personal life are both on budgets.

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