About Illianna

Illi, Illy-Butt


Date of birth:
January 31st (every year!)

German, Norwegian and a lot else but those are what my family can agree upon. My family has fucked EVERYone they could get their hands on.

Zodiac Sign:

Eye color:
Pale Blue (almost a gray)

Hair color:
(Natural) A dirty blonde that resembles brown.... most days



How did you create the name, Illianna Dahl?
Illianna is one of my favorite vampire characters. Dahl is my favorite author and it is also the last name of my favorite V.C. Andrews character

Describe a typical day or a daily routine for Illianna Dahl?
Typical? Routine? No such thing between porn, parenthood and other things related to those two "P"s it doesn't happen!

What makes you a geek/nerd?
I play video games, table top games, and love anime. I get and enjoy math jokes. I love Star Trek and most of Star Wars. I love Supernatural, but I've never seen Doctor Who. Picard is my favorite captain, but DS9 is my favorite series (I like Ferengis). I play V:TM and have for over a decade, I could probably write stories for White Wolf (if they were still in publication). Guys constantly dispute whether I'm a true girl of the geek culture and all I can really say is I am what I am and if that's not good enough for you then you're a P'Tak.

Favorite Food:
Pizza (White with pineapple!), & mashed potatoes with (too much) gravy

Favorite Movies:
My two absolute favorites are Bruce Almighty, and H-E Double Hockey Sticks (you get bonus points if you can guess why)
I also enjoyed Hunger Games, Horns, What Lies Beneath, & The Woman In Black

Favorite Books:
Harry Potter series, Lightning by Dean Koontz, Peter & Wendy by JM Barrie, & The Time Machine by HG Wells

Favorite TV Shows:
Star Trek (if its anything but Original Series or Enterprise. I'll watch it from pilot to finale), Gotham, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, Big Bang Theory, Clone Wars, Animaniacs, 100 & The Borgia's

Music you rock to:
I'm a lover of music. Anything with a good beat I'll rock to it. I love Bif Naked, Goo Goo Dolls, Counting Crows, Eminem, Pink and Hinder... just to name a few

After two kids, why do you look so good?
Starts off with good genetics but I also take care of myself in homeopathic (balanced diet + exercise) ways

What do you think every girl needs?
Someone to have fun with her. Someone who is willing to be childlike in behavior at times. However, the most important thing: someone who loves her completely and will do anything to make her happy.

What's one thing that your fans do not know about you?
The only thing I can really think of is my desire to be dipped into a vat of rising bread dough

How would you describe your personality?
Spunky, vibrant and outgoing

How would you describe your sexuality?
As open as a church on Christmas

Favorite Position:
I love being forced down, belly down ass up while he grabs my hair... is there a name for that?

What do you masturbate too?
A lot of things, but normally it includes A LOT of pussy and tits

Dildo / vibrator / fingers / other:
Something that stimulates the clit. I love my Hitachi and my valentines day bullet most

If you had a choice of 2 boys or 2 girls for a 3some:
Depends on the two guys, I've only had success with two girls :(

What are some of your fetishes? 
Bubble Gum, Bubbles, Forced Orgasm (giving, not receiving), Lap Dance, Panties, Stockings, Shoes, & Feet  to just name a couple from my mainstream list

What is your ultimate sexual fantasy?
 I live everything I want to do sexually... that's the great thing about working in porn. You say "I want to kick a guy in the balls" there's a guy for that!

What are some sex tips that you would like to tell the women out there?
 Stimulate him visually and orally. If you let yourself go and stop sucking down his jizz he'll probably find someone else who will.
Sex is a physical need.
Love is a mental want.
Understand the difference and you'll get a happily ever after.

Turn Ons:
I love knowing that there is a real person who thinks and feels under that skin. Perk up my brain and you have a higher chance of getting into my panties. I'm not much for jocks but a good pair of firm, toned legs have always been a weakness.

Turn Offs:
Cheapskates, rudeness, closed minded people, and people who are downers. I have no patience for people who constantly complain about how much their lives suck. My moto is... it could be worse. So grow up & get over it.

Pet Peeves:
I hate being treated like I don't know what I'm doing, when I'm the most knowledgeable/experienced/educated person. Talking on the phone, people who spell my name wrong, text-ese (I absolutely hate "gr8" and "nekkid") and the term "let's talk"

Favorite Video Games:
Injustice: Gods Among Us, Soul Caliber, Sacred, RE6 & Mario Kart

Angelina Jolie, Michael Dorn, Jennifer Lawrence & LeVar Burton


Do you have any Tattoos/Piercings?
A back-piece in the making plus my ears, nose, and navel pierced

Do you have any scars?
Yes, one on my wrist from surgery, a c-section scar from my second daughter and another on the back of my knee from where a goat bit me

What about a phobia?
Agrizoophobia (mostly goats)

Speak other languages?
Model Gibberish, sarcasm

Have any secret talents?
If I told you they wouldn't be secret now would it?