When To Send Me Gifts

Presents always make me smile and when I'm smiling my social media accounts get more pictures (not that you need a reason to be spoiling me)!
I love being spoiled and surprised with gifts from my wishlists. (Tributes are always welcome, too.)

Make sure you include a note or send me proof of your purchase so that I know whom to thank when I receive your gift!

Important Dates

Days where I expect more than usual because it is a special day for me
January 31 - My Birthday
February 14 - Valentines Days
March 20 - Personal Holiday
Second Sunday of May - Mother's Day
Third Sunday of June - Father's Day
June 19 - My camiversary
June 26 - Personal Holiday
November 12 - Personal Holiday

December 1 - My youngest daughter's birthday
December 7 - My eldest daughter's birthday
December 25 - Christmas
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