Sunday, June 3, 2012

5 hot facts about Women and Sex

I love these little facts, they definately describe my likes, not so much my orgasms but, you cant hit the nail on the head all the time ^_~

Sex Fact #1-Having a Ph.D. makes a woman TWICE as likely to be interested in a one-night stand as her Bachelor degree holding counterparts.

Sex Fact #2-A decade ago, only 25% of women reported having an orgasm through intercourse. In recent years, this number has risen to about 45%. In contrast, over 80% of women report experiencing an orgasm through oral sex.

Sex Fact #3-Having sex can make a woman look younger and more attractive. When a woman has sex, she produces amounts of the hormone estrogen, which gives a shine to the hair and a smoothness to the skin. Increased blood flow means a flush of the cheek and even a pout to the lips.

Sex Fact #4-Women enjoy auditory stimulation much like men enjoy visual. (Anybody else get  Poison's "talk dirty to me" in their head just now? ... just me? )

Sex Fact #5-More women talk dirty during sex than men. Studies show that women take pleasure in talking dirty; doing it inspires their partner to do the same, which they also find arousing.

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