Friday, June 8, 2012

Wartenberg Wheel

If you've been following me on Facebook/Twitter than you know on the first I ordered a wartenberg wheel to get the free rainbow bliss that EdenFantasys was offering. Well, I got some messages from people going "What the fuck?" So I figured I'd do a little blog about what this wheel is and why I'm so excited.

I first saw this object over two years ago when my roommate had one. I loved using it on her, and have wanted one to call my own ever since!

A Wartenberg wheel, also called a Wartenberg pinwheel or Wartenberg neurowheel, is a medical device for neurological use, but it is also widely used as a sex toy! You gotta love when medical devices make the jump into the bedroom. (Stay tuned for my playing nurse video)

The wheel, which has evenly spaced radiating sharp pins, rotates around as it is rolled across the flesh. Most are surprised by which of their body parts are most sensitive to this device. If you like sex "kitten style" (like doggy style but with biting and scratching) this toy is definately something you want to look into!

The sensations the wheel gives are normally compared to tickling, meaning you cant do it to yourself. You have to have a partner, but trust me it's well worth it! This is a great little bondage/sensation play device that will give you hours of pleasure

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