Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blogging about Nothing

I actually spent a lot of time today not on the internet. I feel like I should get a gold star or something, lol. I went outside! I had the sun shine on my skin!

I also spent time inside cleaning the fuck out of my house. Because I dont know whats happened to me, but it seems I have become lazy as hell. At least when it comes to really keeping things tidy. Nothings really dirty... Everything is just not where it should be. It looks like a sty. And when Im starting to sound like my mother thats a bad bad thing!

Im stoked for Monday!! COMIC BOOK DAY! And Im hoping the store is actually open this time and not unexpectantly closed for some reason again. I really need some new reads, and I want to check out if they got any new costumes in. Plus I want to gawk at the x-wing fighter helmet again. One day... If I can ever afford to spend $1000 on something completely useless.... It will be mine....

Or maybe I'll just find a sugar daddy who finds my geek-ness cute.... ha! A girl can dream cant she?

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