Saturday, June 2, 2012

Where to find sex toys?

Ok, so I'm one of those people that frequents craigslist looking for awesome things for cheap or maybe just a cheap laugh. Well, today I was reading through them and there was a guy asking for the BEST place to get sex toys and it inspired me.

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As you know EdenFantasys and I have recently teamed up and I am loving their selection! But here's some info that I've learned through my travels that might help you.

If you're in the north west the only real place to get a good toy is "White Castle" in Spokane. Awesome staff and a wide variety of toys on display so you can touch and play with them to make sure you get one that's right for YOU. Which I cannot stress the importance of, this is one area where you cannot comform to what everyone else is buying. You could hurt yourself or worse yet, get a toy that'll NEVER get you off.

If you're in the north east then you're in my mecca of sex shops. THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! But they're not all good. Lion's Den and the Video Liquidators in Buffalo BLOW and not in the good way. My personal favorite is Pandora's Boxxx, now they don't have a lot of toys on display but they do have a wider selection and they also have more lingerie (for both men and women) and they have more...accessories to make your night PERFECT.

Now, if your are in the south (and not near a Pandora's Boxxx location)... doesn't matter if you're in the south east or the south west YOU'RE SCREWED! Road trip or buy on line. These are really you're only options for good quality and the bang for your buck.

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