Saturday, June 30, 2012

Good People

Over my life I have met many people. Some good and some horrid. Lately I have had the pleasure of meeting a family that has just enough itself but still gives to less fortunate families and individuals whenever they can.

Lately, especially after my time in California I was beginning to lose faith in people. There are so many Californians that have far more than they could ever NEED and yet they help no one but themselves. Use the hard times of those around them as entertainment. When did this become ok?
Why is everyone so fucking selfish?
Why wont people stand up for what is right?
Cause its easier to avoid confrontation and conflict?
Why dont people grow a fucking pair and face their shit?

Know that no matter who you are if you are avoiding something, just fucking get up and deal with it cause your going to have to eventually anyway. Everyone makes mistakes, shit I have made plenty!
I am a big enough person to realize it and admit it. Those of you who cant apologize or admit something that you did was wrong, grow the fuck up.

This world is filled with way too many selfish fucking people. People way to selfish to realize that every action has a consequence, whether a good or bad one, and if you choose to go the easier way even though you know you should have gone the harder way, you make me sick. Do you not realize that simple good deed, that smile given to a sad looking stranger, that advice you chose not to say because you didnt want whoever to get mad at you, that simple phone call to say hey how are you, could have saved someones fucking life? You could have helped someone keep their family together if you just cared.

That's why I want to give a big thumbs up to this family. They just had twins, are barely making it by but they saw that their friends were about to be homeless so they took them in. They saw that their friend was going to go hungry, so they fed her.

No expectations.
No motive or scheme to get something in return.
These people helped because it was the right thing to do.

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