Tuesday, June 12, 2012


So, I just got up..about to do my daily routine of cleaning my house top to bottom. Woo! My friend borrowed my car so it looks like I'm going to be walking to the store today in this ridiculous heat. I really need to get out, do something fun. I feel like I'm turning into Stepford wife with all this constant cleaning & cooking, but isn't that what men love anyways? ...wait.... no, thats blowjobs ... Damn it!

I've also been fighting a head cold and dealing with some family issues. So, I havent been as good as I should be. I apologize. I know there has been a slow down in new content and I hope that the new features that have been added to the sites have made up to it. I have been working on other things, and if you read my interview on InkedAngels before they switched servers then you know that I am working on a novel and a comic. We are hoping to be able to put both live some time in 2013 if not sooner.

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