Sunday, December 2, 2012

Another Fun day With Stressful Undertones!

So I had a really awesome day today Smile I went shopping with one of my favorite friends. Then we went back to her apartment and enjoyed a blunt and some Ben & Jerry's while talking about the plan for how the next birthday party is going to work.
Yes! Another birthday party Saturday. Yes, I'm aware I just had a birthday party yesterday. Now it is my eldest turn! Oi! It's a good thing my family and friends are near or I'd lose my mind!

Hopefully large amounts of birthday cake and two christmas dinners will assist in the last 5lbs I'm trying to GAIN to get into my pre-pregnancy clothes. Which will definately be a form of a bright side in my world.

Sometimes I really just want to pause everything and sleep. For a long time. Unfortunately life doesn't come with a remote like in Click even though I'd never use the fast forward button! I need more time... or a clone, but like the super hero version not the lamb, because I need to know what I did ... I dont trust that dirty bitch alone! :-P

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