Friday, December 21, 2012

No Christmas Tree

I do not have a Christmas tree. I do not think one will be put up because I have other priorities. That's life - being a grown up sucks ass!

Ok, I know what you're thinking. Jewish witch probably shouldnt have a christmas tree, but since the christmas tree was stolen from pagans I say it makes sense, truth is it feels weird without a christmas tree. I'm Jewish by marriage but was raised Baptist. Some things are hard to shake especially when you just need a sign to show everything is going to be alright.

Up until a few minutes ago, I was under the covers, with tons of layers on, in bed, and freezing! Being cold is not something I enjoy. Ok, so I'm still mostly cold. I'm just waiting for my new space heater to show up and I'm contemplating buying a couple more fleece blankets. Round it out to an even 12.

Did I mention how much  my apartment sucks?

I'm still hoping to figure something out so that I can move into a new apartment without roommates and decent heat by the first of the year but I might have to wait until February and that makes me want to cry!

Wish me luck and if you're willing to help feel free to use the donate buttons on the side of this blog.

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