Monday, December 10, 2012


The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. A birthday each week and Christmas, its been having me run wild. If it wasnt for the fact of having a strict routine I dont think I would have been able to keep up on everything!

Lately things have been looking up though. I've got several paying gigs this next week and have been talking with several photographers in Seattle about shooting out there. If everything goes the way I want it to I'd be able to get my own apartment on the first and then I'd be able to do Buffalo in March like I REALLY want, its not a want.. it's a need!

I need Bobs tanks on my butt again!
I need to go panty shopping with Chad and maybe even convince him to get me some new yoga pants!
I need to watch porn with Frank.
I need to shoot for hours with John.
I need coffee and donuts with Brian.
I need to apologize to Dave.
I need to masturbate for Scott.
I need to be naked in snow!
There's just so many things I NEED to do. I'm going through withdrawals!

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