Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Today was quite nice. I'm not a huge Christmas person, but my grandmother wanted the morning for family. After denying the old woman seeing her great-granddaughters because of our two years living on the opposite coast, I felt slightly obligated. 

It didnt start the way I'd have liked but it rounded out nicely.
I ate more today than I have in the past week.

My girls got a few presents, mostly things they didnt need (they've got 3 boxes of toys in their room currently and god knows how many toys in our storage unit waiting for the new bigger place we'll be getting) I dont like materialistic holidays and all the tweets about "If I dont get an iPhone tomorrow I'm going to cry" tweets make me sick. PHYSICALLY ILL!

Thats something I'm truly thankful for, my eldest understands the difference between NEED and WANT. Yea, a christmas tree covered in presents is a nice thought... but not something for me. I like being a minimalist. Memories and time shared is more important to me.

Although, on the way to my grandmothers house I did realize that I had my "Happy Holidays" cards still sitting by the door waiting to be sent. OOPS! Guess I'll see if Caisee wants to go to the post office with me tomorrow and then maybe some shopping.

At least the society pressure of holidays is over and now I can get back to the priorities of life. Next year should be better. ^_^

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