Friday, November 30, 2012

The more things change....

Isn't it strange how time flies and how things change but don't?

This time last year I was panicking... 40 weeks came far too fast and I was not ready to have a new baby "any day now" and while this year I'm not pregnant my youngest birthday snuck up on me again!

Thankfully its only the first birthday which she'll have no memories of so as long as the pictures turn out awesome I'll be a happy girl, after all as my husband put it the first birthday is more for the parents (we didn't kill you!) than the baby.
I have no idea how this month is going to work. Two birthdays on top of winter holidays?! My budget is going to be stretched and pulled in every which direction, hopefully I'll find a system that works and be able to apply it to the next 18 years! HA HA!
Oh well >.<

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