Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stress: School + Work

Stress is really starting to wear on me.
Its been a kind of difficult few weeks. I've tried to not let it distract me from school and work but I'm failing at that miserably. I've really gotta get my head on straight and get down on the hussle and focus! On the bright side Caisee has turned the tables on me and has been pushing me to shoot more now I just need to get shit together so that I can get some editing done.

I'm still hoping to get an apartment without roommates by January first so that I can do more filming and more camming. (fingers crossed!)

Bright side ( Not really but I'll pretend) - The semester is coming to an end, and final exams are just a few weeks away. I'll be studying my arse off until then, because I HAVE to get an A on EVERY one! >.< (take a BIG whiff, yup! Thats more stress you smell!)

For those of you who dont know me My grades have to be PERFECT, since I'm not a "traditional student".
What is a "traditional student"? Someone who graduates high school, goes right to college, and actually has the ability and means to complete their desired amount of education in one go!

I, on the other hand, finished high school, did one degree and got a job in that field, the market disappeared due to job decline so I got another degree and got a good paying job, a house... the whole american dream and then the recession hit. Now, here I am doing fetish working on a degree for a career that will sustain me after being in front of the camera is gone for whatever reason.

Wow, that was a bit of a ramble with no real focus. I promise next time I'll be better, probably because it'll be an EdenFantasy blog :-P
(I'm trying to keep my blogs more topic focused, and less all over the place with randomness mixed all together lol If you've ever chatted with me, then you know how busy my mind is, and how much I can ramble on haha I am quite the talker )

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