Saturday, July 14, 2012

Prejudice Against Fat People?

Anderson Cooper’s coming out was important for the shaping of the discourse around sexual orientation. Public figures’ attitudes around same-sex couples (including President Obama’s) have real psychological power to change the public’s own attitudes. A turn in attitudes in this domain is evident even in Robert Spitzer's apology for his support of a gay "cure," as well as a column by Craig Gross, who now mourns his church’s resistance to accept that both gay people and fat people can have a place in heaven.

Yup, you read that right, gay OR fat people don't deserve to go to heaven. I'm not an atheist but I'm not a "Jesus is my lord" kind of person either but this made me go... wait, WHAT?

Being fat isn't a crime and it sure as hell isnt a sin.
I have no issue with fat people (I have a problem with stupid and/or delusional people).

Prejudice against fat people continues to be one of the deepest and most widely shared prejudices that the public holds. Research has shown, for example, that even the parents of overweight children discriminate against them. In addition, the overweight suffer drops in self-esteem when prejudice is directed towards them, suggesting that overweight people themselves believe that somehow they are to blame for their condition (Crocker et al., 1993). Yes, the ones sitting on WOW for 23 hours a day, and eating only Twinkies have some fault in being fat but the people that annoy me are those that are obviously overweight and unhealthy but try to claim otherwise.

No, I'm not weight-biased although I understand where you might be getting that. I am not going to treat you any different just because you're fat.

Hey, you like being the weight you are, awesome! Embrace it, rock it and I'll march next to you but don’t lie about it. Be that BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN! But I swear to GOD if you complain about being called "big" I'm going to smack you with a stupid stick.

You know the common "weight-based" stereotypes are that obese persons are lazy, lack self-discipline, and have poor willpower, but also possess defects of intelligence and character. But did you know that the weight-based stereotypes can also go the other way? Common weight-based stereotypes of non-obese persons are that non-obese-persons are unattractive, anorexic unhealthy, diet and/or exercise excessively. Pervasive social portrayals of obesity create and reinforce biased attitudes.

In centuries past, a degree of plumpness has been seen as indicative of personal or family prosperity: "Calories were scarce, physical labor was hard and most people were as lean as greyhound". In some cultures, having a fat wife was a status symbol: there was plenty to eat, and she did not need to work hard. The connection of fatness with financial well-being persists today in some countries.

Understand who and what you are and love it.
I'm a short, underweight bitch that was blessed with good genes and a high metabolism. I could not gain 10lbs in 6 months to save my life (trust me, I've tried. The only time I succeed is when I'm pregnant and that is horrible). My feet are deformed from years of dance (broken toes). I have 6 visible scars on my body. My tits are small with minor stretch marks and I hate the mole on my stomach and my hip. But ya know what? I love me and all my imperfections (Im-Perfections).
Now, go look in the mirror and love what you hated about yourself this morning... if you can’t change it. No, we will never be perfect but that doesn’t mean we should stop trying.

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