Friday, July 6, 2012

Glass & Pussies Dont Mix?

So I was on one of the girl forums for one of the sites I use and one of the girls I absolutely hate was bitching about a custom she got requesting she use a wine bottle to masturbate. I tried to explain to her that its a fairly common request and she shouldnt have anything to worry about.

Then she proved why I dislike her so much.

She said "Glass and pussies dont mix". My head spun when I read that like in a cartoon. Glass and pussies dont mix? What planet are you living on? Glass dildos are one of the best things.

Are Glass Dildos really safe for sex?!
Absolutely! They are very strong, very easy to keep clean, and will outlast, outperform, and outsatisfy any other form of Dildo you can find.

Each piece is just a little bit different? Why?
Unlike most adult toys, Glass Dildos are HANDMADE. That's right. A real human carefully crafts every single piece that we sell. And because they are made by hand it is only expected that no two pieces will be exactly alike. This is part of the beauty of Glass. While many people might buy the same 'design', just like handmade jewellery or art, no two pieces will ever be exactly identical.

Can I warm or cool Glass Dildos?
Absolutely. While Borosilicate Glass is meant to deal with extreme temperatures, there are still a few guidelines to follow:
  • Warm your Glass Dildo with warm or hot water right out of the tap. 2-5 minutes does the trick depending upon the size of the piece. Using hot water ensures that the piece is never uncomfortable and is equally warmed. Do NOT put your Glass Dildo in the microwave. It is safe for the toy, but not for you. Microwaving tends to cause hot spots, so while one part you hold might feel just fine, another part that touches your very sensitive skin might be hot enough to cook food! You do NOT want to explain that in the emergency department. :-)
  • Cool your Glass Dildo with cold water or ice water. (And yes, you can dunk a piece that is hot straight into ice water without any problems). However, do NOT put it in the freezer. Yes, it is Borosilicate, it is freezer safe, but YOU are not! Cold, dry, frozen glass tends to get stuck to warm, moist places. Get the picture?
Will my toy break?
Under normal use and with proper care, no, your Glass Dildo is not going to break. Most pieces can actually withstand a fair bit of bumping, dropping, even tossing around the bedroom without any problem. Borosilicate does not shatter like regular glass and it is many, many times stronger. It is considered a 'Medical Grade Glass'. However, if you drop it on a hard surface, then it still can break, and will typically snap in two so the evidence of damage is absolutely clear. If you ever chip or break your piece, be sure to dispose of it right away (and try not to cry while you wait for your new one to arrive).

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