Tuesday, July 17, 2012


So, since my suspension from MyGirlFund I’ve been searching for similar sites to help make up the difference. One of the sites I found… well, to be 100% re-found was ExtraLunchMoney.com which claims to be a site of amateur porn.

Oh, yea it is. It’s not like Clips4Sale or even MyGirlFund. Some of the porn on there is very much amateur. Frumpy house wives fucking their hairy assed husbands.

I like the idea to be able to list the customs I’m willing to do, and being able to sell items. Love it! Hasn’t yet yielded any positive results yet, but I’m sure over time things will change.

When it comes to videos and image sets I have to put ExtraLunchMoney in the same category as MyPornProfile, and unfortunately, it’s not a very good category to be in. Neither site is content friendly with me. MyPornProfile has yet to let me upload any videos/picture sets to my account and ExtraLunchMoney is sadly not much better. I have over 800 videos in my possession and would love to post them up but it seems that if they are over a certain size ExtraLunchMoney just never loads.

Another thing that’s annoying with ExtraLunchMoney is that it does not generate its own sample images unlike eClipStore and Clips4Sale. So, you have to have your own images for the sample and they have to be over 400 pixels wide. Grrrr! Then lets say you try to use an image that isn’t 400 pixels wide, its going to cancel your upload and refresh your screen so everything you just typed is erased. Grrrr!

I really don’t like that messages are free either way, I wish it was a little bit more like MyGirlFund, especially if its about content. I’ve had several guys ask if I’m willing to do things, and when I say yes… nothing ever comes from it. Slightly annoying.

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