Monday, July 30, 2012


July is almost over - can you believe it!? I most certainly can't. I've had my nose to the grind stone constantly this summer and only made it to the beach a few times ... and it wasnt even anything fun! Just business... which is very fun, but I would have liked time to relax. Oh well, its done its over with!

Moving on  to what this blog is supposed to be about. Goals.
I know I havent done one of these blogs in a long while, and I think that's been my problem lately. I havent sat down and actually planned out my next few months so here it goes.
Get into own apartment
Get my eldest strickly on the potty (NO diapers!)

Get more into camming (I like it, I just normally forget it exists)
Improve site updates (I want to get back into doing 3-5 new clips a day)
Upgrade Equipment (I want to begin my comic strip, I've had friends read over the stuff I've come up with and they say its better than robot chicken)
Get Published! (I want to get one of my creative endevours to be published either the book or the comic)

I know its a tall order but I'm really confident in being able to get it done especially with how productive I'm able to be when my entire crew comes together.
Wish me luck and remember if you want to help the best way is to buy clips or you can always donate, I spoil those who spoil me!

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