Sunday, November 20, 2016

Well, that didnt go as planned....

If you've read the previous blogs then you know that I've been dealing with a bit of drama, as well as dealing with "No Money November" as I like to call it because the average person's purse strings tighten right up this month. No worries though... except the surgery my daughter was scheduled for in February got bumped to Friday so that meant running around for her pre-screening and pre-op evaluations. Thankfully I'm a pro at this because the surgery is not new for me personally or me as a mother since I've done this, my eldest has done this and so now its only natural that it was my youngest turn!

This was the plan: Go to bed early Thursday (yay! no club so this was an option) and then get up with Baby Dahl around 4am to pack and get her to the hospital by 6am.

At 1am she began to violently throw up, so we still went to the hospital to figure out what was wrong. 3 hours later, they conclude she has the stomach flu but the bacteria was acting odd and not giving her the fever she was supposed to have.... ugh! Many tests and a pharmacy run later we were home, where we went through all of the bedding in my house.... twice. Thank god I have a washing machine. If this was two years ago I think I would have cried!

This put a huge crinkle in my overall plans up to and including the major part of this morning cam show was folding laundry. Every article of clothing my daughter had gotten sick on or near. Ugh! I'm so far behind on video and picture sets its not even funny, but thankfully I was able to get everything with a dead line done. Thankful for small blessings!

I am hoping that tonight my youngest will be able to sleep through the night and go to school tomorrow so that I will be able to be uber productive tomorrow... but i think I might be a brand of delusional.

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