Friday, November 11, 2016

Good Bye

Words have meaning. They create expectations based on connotations of the words most common usage, typically this is where a misunderstanding occurs.
Due to these misunderstandings and certain choices made on the part of some I have suffered both personally and professionally. 
As a result, these people have elected to end our relationship with very hurtful and untrue words that have made any current or future relationship unsalvageable, to my greatest and deepest compunction.
However, I will not be drawn into senseless or baseless mudslinging and simply wish to put the matter behind me and focus on recovering from the situation and moving forward with my life and my career.

I treasure my time and my life, that makes me selfish in the eyes of some people. In the eyes of these people it also gives them the right and privilege to not only spread my personal business but to put their own "spin" on it. I must be true to myself, and demand the respect that I'm entitled to as a person. Unfortunately at this time I am forced to remember that not all people are supposed to be loyal to you, that some people come into your life to remind you who you let in, and remind you that regardless of how close you may feel towards someone the simplest and smallest misunderstanding can and will be turned upside down because the person is feeling lost because of their own wrong steps. You cannot force a person's steps, you can only hope that they will follow your lead and advice but you can only help a person so much.

I do not have the power to break her heart.

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