Saturday, October 29, 2016

Rocky Horror Picture Show

So this week I've watched the remake and rewatched the original. ****SPOILER ALERT****
Here's my opinion...

  • The focus on this being a MOVIE in the movie is OVER done. I hate the audience, it ruins classic Rocky Horror parts...
  • I love the part of the Usherette in the new version, I love Ivy Levan and the character is adorable. 
  • "Dammit Janet" & "There's A Light" are better in the remake, but I think that might be to it being a more modern adaptation.  I never really liked it but in the remake its actually quite cute. 
  • "Time Warp" in the remake is horrible musically, but the choreography is definitely better, less cheesy. Or if you want to think about it as the original being a straight from broadway to film while they tried to make more of a movie out of the remake which could be attested to part of their down fall with "hardcore" fans (unlike myself).
  • The entrance of Frank-N-Furter, is better and more a blending of the genders than the remake. Laverne Cox should have butched up for the part, she was too much of a woman regardless of how much of a "lover"she may think she is....
  • Rocky's creation is cut along with, of course, his unwrapping and his gold shorts are more like shorts and new Rocky didn't get presents. Frank-N-Furter was also less obsessed with the muscles. (of course the musical number is missing). Rocky's escape is different. 
  • Columbia's nipples lack any appearance in the remake. There's some dispute over the part of Columbia. I like her in both adaptations but some of my group felt that she wasnt "enough" 
  • Eddie is more of a pretty boy in the new one. No scar, equal musical talent. New Eddie doesn't play the sax and is less of a "ladies man" and his death is COMPLETELY different.
  • Magenta in the new one is a complete botch in my opinion. I've never liked the character that much but the new one doesn't really pull off the "crazy" of the first one. When her "true side" shows and she reveals herself as law enforcement, her hair is less "Mrs Frankenstein" but appropriately different. 
  • Frank-N-Furter in the beds with Janet & Brad are different. I like them, because you get to see more its less subtle. This is a change I like!
  • Janet & Rocky's scene is more sexualized and actualized in the original than the remake, which I wasn't expecting. Through the movie you're like "oh they do more here and show more nudity because its 2016" but in this scene there's less groping less softcore porn feel in the original. Odd.
  • The cast is not turned into naked statues they are actually frozen as they are... More believable but less artistic
  • The "Floor show" lacks the "prep" stage in the remake, The props, costumes and backdrop are all VERY different, but still go with the feel of the movie/scene. The anti-matter ray has more of a physical effect on the people and Frank-N-Furter doesn't climb the curtain in an effort to escape. Rocky doesn't do his impression of king kong. 
Overall, I think everyone should definitely give the remake a try and try not to be too jaded by the past.

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