Monday, October 24, 2016

Not an Escort

Over the last few days I've been getting a lot of messages asking me to escort and how much I charge to fuck or how a guy gets into my videos. Normally I'd just discount this as "odd" but the frequency it's happening in such a short period of time plus the mutual FB friend that pops up leads me to believe that she's moved from starting drama with Princess and Rumplemintz to me.

Maybe she's not trying to start drama, maybe its "friendly" conversation to deflect from the fact that she's a stripper that refuses to get naked. It's cool I get naked enough for everyone ^_~
So much like the other posts that I've done I remind everyone that I am a dance, a model and otherwise adult entertainment. The part of sex work that caters to physical satisfaction is not something I revel in, no disrespect to those that do but its not my shot of whiskey.

You cant be in a video. Ok, maybe that statement isn't completely true and I should wash my mouth out with soap because I don't know who you are... it's possible you're in the industry with 6 months of clean tests and all the bells and whistles... but are you? Being in my videos is not something you just "WAM BAM!" in an afternoon. My fans are picky. You'll notice that if you go through clips4sale you'll see one main cock and then a guest appearance by two. I call these "guest appearances" because these were men that jumped through the hoops and paid their application fee because to be in a video your stamina has to be tested. A lot of guys cant handle it and I'm not about to waste my time with a cock thats going to get crowd or camera shy. Insert hashtag sorry not sorry HERE.

Next blog - the incline of self entitlement and the decline of the english language among American youth ^_~

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