Saturday, November 19, 2016

Lets Start From The Beginning.... Again

When I first started this blog I started with a simple explanation because it was my belief that the most important question is not the meaning of  life, nor that of a higher power. The most profound question is that one ask themselves "who am I". A lot has changed since I started this blog over 6 years ago but some things have stayed the same.

Of course, I'm an Aquarius. I cant really change that and  for the most part I'm still a a very stereotypical one at that! 

Over my 6 years in this "adult" industry my love for social media has dropped off. I'm no longer addicted and if it wasn't for the fact that a good portion of my income requires it I probably would not have most of the accounts that I do...

I've gotten better with being impulsive with my money, thoughts of "do i really need this" and "will this just be clutter" have popped more and more into my head. 

I hate surprises and the unknown. Too much has occurred over the last 6 years to make me even more of a control freak and be ok with it.

I still in brace my inquisitive. With a circle of constantly intoxicated friends, co-workers and clients playing Devils Advocate is even more fun than ever and still very much my favorite position to play.

There's many things that can cause hurt in your heart but you need to let go. I'm finally learning that. Allowing myself to forgive those that haven't apologized and I'm also learning to apologize as well as admit fault when I'm wrong. For a long time "i'm wrong, I'm sorry" was a difficult thing for me to say but thankfully over the years I've finally learned it. I hope that this is seen as a strength and never a weakness.

Life is too short to be sad, do everything with a song in your heart and a happy thought in your head.

That's probably not everything that I am, but its certainly the high-lighted points!

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