Thursday, July 24, 2014

Preparing for Winter

I've been working a ton lately which has in turn kept me from being online as much- total bummer.
I'm trying to get as much extra cash as possible for winter because with the Buffalo snow that means that options for going out and doing things is greatly limited and normally I like to cheer myself up by going shopping... even if its internet shopping (**Hint: Sending me Amazon gift cards now is great, I'm starting a stock pile ^_~) 

Keeping busy with off line work is also keeping my mind from dwelling on drama since I tend to over think things and just make things worse for myself. It's best if I keep myself busy and goal oriented so that what I've been doing. 

Hell, later on today I'm going to be going down to the club and getting a bunch of new (high quality) pole dancing and stripclub cam videos made. I'm really excited about this especially since the ballbusting videos have been put on hold because of the amount of planning and organizing that its been taking. 


This right here is why I hate when people ask "whats new" as part of social idle banter. I've got a lot of shit going on that I would love to talk about but I cant because the average person a.) doesnt care or b.) is going to think I'm crazy c.) going to judge me for my career choices. So I always say "nothing, I'm boring" >.<

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