Thursday, July 3, 2014

No More Drama.... please?

So, I've just learned that I'm going to have a roommate for "a couple nights". My sister-in-law and her boyfriend/baby daddy just broke up because she's bi-sexual and acted upon those urges while intoxicated. He knew she was bi-sexual and when they'd gotten together supported that side of her (because she never acted on it).

Well, long story short shit got real and he's exceptionally angry that he cant keep her under his thumb. Everything is in his name (the apartment, the car ect) so she's literally going to have nothing.  
We just moved into this place so we're still trying to get settled so a house guest was not in my plans. I'm hoping that this works out in my favor so that i can maybe get more videos done for you guys but right now I dont know. 


  1. Hi! I don't think this guy realizes that he hit the jackpot. I would love to have a bi-sexual girlfriend. The possibilities (and his potential happiness) are endless.
    I'm happy that I accidentally met you last night. You are VERY sweet!!! Call me if you like.

    1. Feel free to text me whenever you like