Sunday, July 20, 2014


Liars, they are what's wrong with this world!
We have all been around someone or have even had a relationship with someone who just couldn't be genuine and honest consistently. They bring you to the point when you start questioning everyone's motives, everyone's character. They make you second guess most of what they have said to you, more or less everything that they speak of that hasn't been seen with your own eyes or heard with your own ears. 

I've decided to weed out these types, or at least keep them at quite a distance. I thought I was past the part of my life where people would just blatantly lie to my face. Especially family doing it. Apparently not. Apparently I'm only past that when I appear to have nothing (possessions) that someone else would want. 
This is what I mean when I say that the lack of money is the root of all evil, because the search for MORE is what is causing the "evil". 
I'm truly grateful for decent examples of what a balanced, genuine, good hearted person looks like. They are what's right with this world!

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