Thursday, June 27, 2013

EdenFantasy: Marble Enhancement Set

Oh yea, we're returning to the Mighty Marble cock ring... but this time we've got the marble enhancement set for it which is what we are really reviewing today!

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The marble enhacement set is a set of steel and acrylic balls that are made to be used with the mighty marble cock ring. The balls offer different sizes and weights from what comes with the mighty marble cock ring. This allows you to customize your experience with the ring. You can have lighter or heavier stimulation with larger or smaller balls (six balls in total ranging three sizes and two material types).

The ball is inserted into the opening of the ring. The ring can then be put on either way to stimulate either the clit or the anus. The various sizes mean that this will work well for beginners or more advanced users. You could even start with the small balls and work your way up!
I found that the purchase page on the EdenFantasy site slightly misleading since it says "stretchy ring under cock ring style but the enhancement kit does not come with a ring JUST the marbles.

The enhancement kit has more downfalls then the mighty marble cock ring. The larger steel balls have a tendency to rip the soft, spongy TPR material. To me it appears that the weight and size of the large steel ball is too much for the ring to bear. This tear makes the ring unable to hold even the small ball causing the whole idea of the mighty cock ring to be lost!

Another downside to the enhancement kit is that the original packaging cannot be used as a storage for the balls and they don't come with anything. I went to a head shop and got some tiny plastic bags which they claim are for jewelry but we all know these as "dime bags". These seemed to keep the balls organized and from clinking into other items in my toy box.

Unlike others who purchased this set I found that the marbles were difficult to insert into the shaft and even more so to get out! It may be the arthritis in my hands but it shouldn't be that bad... in all honesty!

I don't recommend getting this, save your money and just get another cock ring or if you really MUST have this one wait for EdenFantasys to do a promo of it. I've seen several deals where you get these little balls free with the purchase of the cock ring. The cock ring is good, but it doesn't need the balls.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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