Monday, June 24, 2013

Product Review: Fantasy Tickler

When I first got the Fantasy Tickler I thought it was going to be larger than it was, but to my delight it wasn't, giving me an excellent vibrating anal toy.

Oh yes, when I say excellent I mean this thing is excellent for anal play (see "DP webcam show" at Clips4sale)

For pussy play it was much too small for internal, but good for foreplay, it got me good and juicey which you can see in the video labeled "first time".

I honestly cant believe that I've had this toy for over a year and am now just getting to the review! For the price this toy has definately lived up to my expectations. If you have a vibrator "virgin" in your life, then you need to give her/him this cute & girlish tickler. The Fantasy Tickler is a small pearlescent coral wand that desperately wants to be a bullet.

For vaginal use as I stated this toy was slightly worthless but for a 14 year old virgin it might be just up there alley. Or for a person who has never had anal and is looking to experience something more, this is a great warm up toy before you graduate to beads or plugs.

I didn't mind the pearlescent finish on the Tickler when I first got it but now (a year later) having used it several times, it has begun to fleck as it feels more "porous" now.
The nine settings are clearly labeled and add some interest to your play as changing the speeds can assist in manipulating an orgasm.

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