Monday, April 1, 2013


I have a serious problem with girls. Girls are the strangest creatures on this planet and science has proven this.

The fact that when they're not getting enough sex they thrive on drama.

The fact that if they are hungry they tend to be angry.

Nothing holds this truer than some of the girls on MGF. I swear the girls that are the most catty and pissed off about blogs are the ones that aren’t getting enough sex. I wish I knew who these girls were so that I could tell some of my customers to go request boy/girl content from them because OBVIOUSLY they need something more in their lives if they are truly getting bent out of shape about context and the word FUCK.

It's a word. For us New Yorkers it’s an adjective, noun, pronoun and even punctuation

I don’t really understand people that are easily offended by WORDS. Was I cursing AT you? No. I was using a word that you found “offensive”. What if I found the word “girl” offensive? Oh, well that’s unfounded in your mind because it’s “just” a word, right? Well, in New York we have too much going on to actually care about words if they aren’t being used to describe YOU.

Smoke a blunt. Have a drink. Go get laid because OBVIOUSLY you’re too high strung and THAT’S one of the problems with this word.

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