Saturday, April 20, 2013

Feeling Like Crap For No Reason!

So I woke up yesterday morning with a super weird sickness. My head and throat are totally fine but my whole body is achy and sore. I was hoping I would be better by today but apparently not.

It feels so weird!

I'm wondering if its due to the fact that I've had jury duty all week and today is the first day I've had NOTHING. Maybe I should wear my business attire more often?

What do you think?
I'm looking forward to getting back into camming but over the last few week so much SHIT has been happening that I havent really been able to do any free cams. >.< I'm hoping to get more accomplished in the next week or so...
Wish me luck and remember if you want to see more of me drop me a note on any of the social media sites or email me at

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