Monday, April 15, 2013

EdenFantasys Blog: Fishnet Stockings

I know what you're thinking... YAY! Another EdenFantasysblog. I have to admit, I'm slightly excited about this review as well. This month I'm reviewing some fishnet stockings I received. Now I know what you're thinking "Big deal, they're fishnets... I have fishnets" and so do I but these are so much better than any of the other fishnet stockings I own!

Yes! I'm saying don't buy any other fishnets but these!

I loved these stockings and really don'thave anything negative to say about them. They fit perfectly and had an appropriate amount of stretch. They worked with multiple types of garters and were extremely soft, making them comfortable to wear.

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These are nice and sturdy. They’re perfect for those of you who get tired of your shoes and run around without them. These fishnet stockings are able to handle a lot. I ran around on everything from carpet to sand to concrete on theLas Vegas strip. They're strength is impressive. Definitely worth the money!

Also, unlike other stockings where you have to hand washed them, I found if you threw these in your lingerie bag and then into the washer on the delicate cycle they were perfect. I wouldn't recommend putting them in the dryer however a couple other buyers did dry them in the dryer and supposedly they came out fine. It’s truly your call! I’m paranoid when it comes to things I love and maybe if I’d had one negative thing to say about these stockings I would have thrown them in the dryer. But I didn’t so I refused.

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These cannot be beat! They're soft, comfortable and unlike other fishnets don't cut or hurt my feet. Highly recommended. Hell, I'm even going to get a second...third pair!

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