Saturday, March 30, 2013


It bugs the hell out of me when girls assume that I've fucked their boyfriend. My list of guys NOT in porn that I've fucked is VERY small and those guys have NEVER been dating ANYONE I was aware of when I did fuck them.

I make it a habit of NOT fucking committed guys unless their in porn and even then if its an amateur production I, ME, talk to the girl before him and I do ANYTHING. Do you know why? Because I HATE being a threat to a relationship. I've been an imaginary threat to enough relationships because I'm friends with a lot of guys so that means that I must mean that I'm this uber slut, right? Actually not. This site right here is why I cant stand most females.
Oh, sure, it doesnt fucking matter that I'm married with children because my husband lets me do porn so he must be stupid and gulliable. No, thats actually not it.

My husband was my friend for five YEARS before we ever dated. We dated for another year and have been married for almost FIVE. Both children born and conceived IN WED LOCK.
The reason my husband and I have the type of marriage we do is because we are best friends FIRST! Our marriage vows were created around that friendship. That's a LOT of fucking trust.

We have friend trust. We have lover trust. We have EVERY type of trust that can possibly be had between two people and the fact that you just brush him off as gullible while throwing me under the bus as a stupid whore out to fucking ruin as many relationships as humanly possible because you cant accept the fact that your boyfriend loves you and while he may want to fuck other girls he doesnt because he loves you speaks more about your insecurities than my or his morals.

So please! Stop projecting your guilt and "crimes" onto me.

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