Friday, March 29, 2013

Sex Education

Educated sex is the best kind of sex. A great deal of public schools believe that only abstinence should be taught. The people who preach this are obviously not looking at teen pregnancy or taking today’s teen for the over curious and analytical creatures they are.

Today’s teen understands they don't know everything about everything but they want to...

By not teaching the "in's and "out’s of sex in school kids end up wanting to try it. Experiment on their own.

Believing teaching safe sex in schools will lead to more kids having sex is like believing that talking about illegal drugs in schools is going to lead to more drug addicts.

People, regardless of age, will do what they want if they want badly enough, so why try to fight that urge? The seven deadly sins are in all of us, but they aren't sinful if they are done in moderation.

By trying to ignore the fact that children are having sex we are opening the gates not only to unwanted pregnancy but to the spread of disease as well.


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