Wednesday, March 27, 2013

EdenFantasys: Night School - Sexy Costume

 Everyone loves a naughty school girl and while I was in Buffalo I shot a bunch of it! But one of my absolute favorite pieces was Night School - Sexy Costume from EdenFantasys.


Now, first and foremost if you are looking for a practical outfit this isn't going to be it! This outfit gives NO SUPPORT! It is purely a costume. Alright, that's my only negative comment about this garment. If you need an outfit with support the bra on this outfit is easily replaced with something else of your choice (I'd recommend you using something black). The top that comes with the outfit is tie on much like some bikini tops. Much like most things since this outfit is cute larger breast sizes are going to have difficulty with the garments lack of support.

The outfit is exactly the way it looks. I know there were a few reviews where they thought that this was going to be a black vest with a skimpy white shirt underneath. This outfit is a costume (am I repeating myself?) its not going to be practical. The pieces are best described in two parts, the chemise and the skirt/thong and bra set. The bra can be adjusted to fit many sizes by tying the front tighter or looser. The ends of the bra have strings hanging off but these can be easily fixed with a small snip. The strings on the bra can be quite long even after it has been tied, this also can be fixed by cutting.

The skirtini is a good fit for those with small to medium sized hips (mine are 32 inches and it fits really comfortably). The thong itself is made from the soft polyester fabric, while the ruffles are made from the rougher plaid fabric.

The chemise is tight, smooth polyester, minus the plaid skirt at the base which is a bit scratchier fabric. The overall fit of the chemise is great. It fits snugly without being too tight and accents the body's natural curves. The tie at the top can not be removed so if you have smaller tits the tie may obstruct a clear view of the cleavage.

This outfit is hand wash ONLY. Which will be a down side to some girls so please be advised.

Become a goddess wearing sexy and erotic lingerie from EdenFantasys

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