Saturday, March 24, 2012

YouTube Hates Me

YouTube dominates the world of online video sharing and lets face it, much like Facebook Youtube is a PRUDE.
As you guy know over the last 3 years I have had 3 different youtube channels none of which lasted a month because they're quickly flagged because I'm in porn.
So I started searching out another place to post my "coming attractions" and my vlogs.

A lot of the sites that came up wanted you to subscribe to a hosting plan. Stupid people, if I was willing to pay $50/month to share videos I'd just open my own porn site with subscriptions. >.<

The only one that I found that didnt REQUIRE a subscription plan was VIMEO.COM but unfortunately their TOS resembled YouTubes FAR too closely, so not wanting to deal with that again. I didnt sign up and continued my search.

Finally I started looking into Porn Tube sites after all, there will be NO CONFLICT about my liberal use of no-clothing on those sites ^_^
But when I got there I found that they were either difficult to use or there was no way to connect all my videos together and none of the searches were really good at finding my content once it was uploaded. Thus, my search was a bust.

I still have plans of continuing my video blogging but the only place you might be able to see them is on my member site.

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