Saturday, March 10, 2012

Self-Entitled People

Something I need to get off of my chest. I have been noticing lately, that I seem to be surrounded by self-entitled people. did I miss the day that everyone decided that just because they are on the face of the earth they are guaranteed complete happiness, fulfillment, and contentment? Where have I been?

No one, again unless I missed that day on earth, has promised us that our lives would be continuously happy or easy. If you want happiness then you have to work for it and it appears to me that very few people in my generation know, or understand what hard work is.

No where does it state that this life is going to be easy, actually every incarnation of a 'handbook' (bible, quran ect) states that our life on Earth is going to be full of heartache and unhappiness. It's what we do about our unhappiness that matters. To believe that it's worth doing anything/everything for ones happiness is very unfortunate. That is why I feel we have a world full of self-absorbed, self-entitled, people.

So, since there are very few people in my generation that understand what a good solid work ethic is... allow me to explain.
I found this and thought that it was an exceptionally good plan.

Maybe this will help my generation teach their children better than they were taught.

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