Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stupid Girls

This world is full of stupid girls. I don't get it why pretend you're something you're obviously not just to be adored. How does that feel right? How does that feel like they're adoring you, when you don't even let them see the real you? When you've been faking who you are for so long you don't even know who you are? Is that the only way they know how to get what they need? What they want?
Guess that the difference between the average/stupid girl and me. I don't believe in fear its just an excuse. Why live your life with a bunch of regrets?
"Would he have loved me if he'd seen the real me?"
"Would we have been friends if they knew what I was really like?"

So many girls are just letting they're brains, talents and skills go to waste. Its like the feminist movement happened and girls had to be divided into two girls, once that wanted to be helpless and those that were lesbians. I dont see it that way. I wont let what I have be wasted unlike some stupid girls I know.

I don't need a million lies to sell myself, to make myself appealing to the opposite sex. I am who I am and most agree that that's pretty damn good. I dont need photoshop to be pretty. I dont need expensive things to be worthy. But thats all the stupid girls have, and in five years will they still have that? You, stupid girls, waste everything you have and fake everything you dont. Such a waste of your time telling lies.

Maybe if I act like "that", he'll call me back, but then again if I have to act like "that"... I dont want that guy to call me back.

Yea, I want to be in the porno mags and wouldnt mind if the paparazzi wanted to follow me around but that doesnt make me a stupid girl. I'm true to who I am. True to who my momma raised. Dont need a "daddy" to pay for the champagne

Where have the smart people gone? Stupid is a disease and its growing, in LA it's an epidemic, but at least there is a cure. Learn from your mistakes, learn some common sense, and actually go to school.

I'm so glad that I'll never fit in. That will never be me. I'm an outcast -- a hard working girl, just the kind of girl a real man wants to see.

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