Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love Taps

Love bites... but this lover leaves a bit of a sting!
I purchased this for a little bit of office "naughty". The sling shot action definately attracted me and said "hey! We can have some fun with this!"

On EdenFantasys this toy is under "Flogging toys" but I think its better designed for "strapping" considering its slingshot action. This toy is nice and small. Very easy to conceal, which was the reason I wanted it. It made giving out a quick sting while in a public setting very thrilling. It let him know I was thinking of his ass and what I wanted when we got home!

Its small size also makes it easy to store.

This toy is made of leather so not much care or maintenance is truly needed. If for some reason it does need some a toy wipe or baby wipe does the trick!

Reasonable priced (under $5 when I purchased it reg $6) Pull back grips on the back could be bigger and not plastic. Over all I recommend you give this little toy a try!

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