Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Love Cuffs -- Handcuffs

Yay! Another free gift from EdenFantasys.

When I saw that EdenFantasys was giving away handcuffs I couldn't say no, after all I've been meaning to replace mine for almost two years from when a crazy bitch decided to lie about her envolvement in the BDSM community and had a panic attack while wearing my pretty cuffs and snapped the links.

Yea, needless to say I'm not playing with her any more!

I first got to try this handcuffs on my friend Caisee, she wanted to try a Damsel In Distress video and when digging through my toybox I found these, realized they'd never been out of their box but we quickly changed that! Caisee and I discovered that some times the pink fluff moves and can cause some discomfort.

In some of the tickle videos where Caisee was tied using the handcuffs she actually got a bite.

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