Thursday, February 28, 2013

EdenFantasys: The Mighty Marble

The mighty marble was the first vibrating cock ring I'd tried, I'd gotten one other as a gift with purchase from EdenFantasy which was defective so all we really got to play with was the ring. Not much of a winner there. It definitely fell into the standard connotation of a boring sex enhancer. After that experience I was slightly over the thrill of a cock ring, but then I saw this guy and that he had pieces sold separately to enhance the experience? I was definitely intrigued!
Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store
First of all the mighty marble showed up WORKING! And unlike its EdenFantasy counter part allowed for you to remove/replace the batteries! Huge plus!

The Mighty Marble has a two main features that makes this a definite win for me. The first is the wireless bullet that adds stimulation. The second is the addition of the marble, which adds to the clitoral stimulation.
Before we first used the mighty marble cock ring, I took out the vibrator and used it on myself to see how strong it was. (See clip) It was very good so I was in the mind set, even if it sucks for two player at least its good for me!

In some of the reviews I read over when looking at this item a few people stated that you use the cock ring on a toy. I have no clue why you would use this on a toy. Just get a toy that vibrates! Silly people. Especially since the vibration setting is difficult to turn off. Some times I found it easier to just unscrew it rather than try to hold down the button forever.

Using the cock ring and vibration setting together we first used it in a blowjob and he loved the vibration. It made my teeth impossible to sense (yay!) And the ring didn't make it feel "less sensitive" it just made it "better". His words, not mine!

However, we didn't care for it during sex. It didn't seem to help his erection, quite the opposite in fact. After a few minutes we ended up taking the ring off and going bare back as per usual.

The overall manufacturing of the product is very good. The designer really put some thought into the overall design and function of this device making sure both partners were going to enjoy this adult toy.

Other reviews mentioned that the TPR may drag or pull on pubic hair, my partners and myself are all "clean shaven" so I don't know about it but I can definitely see how that would be an issue!

This cock ring is definitely worth the price!
  • Well built
  • Awesome (doesn't get in the way) design
  • Snug fit
What more could you ask for?
 Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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