Sunday, January 13, 2013

Why Do We Cheat?

It's an age old question that everyone has their own reason or excuse to why, but the truth of that matter is 45-55% of people admit to having cheated on a partner in the past. I know that I have... that how I lost my virginity. (Ouch, right?)

Top 10 Reasons Men Say They Cheat
1.He doesn't love her anymore
2.She doesn't turn you on anymore
3.Women let us
4.Your girlfriend is a nag
6.Boosts your ego
7.You can get away with it
8.It's challenging and exciting
9.She cheated on you
10.She doesn't put out anymore

Top 10 Reasons Women Say They Cheat
1.Revenge for your cheating
2.Exit strategy
3.Bedroom boredom
4.You're emotionally unavailable
5.Feeling neglected/ignored/under-appreciated
6.Lack of intimacy
7.Revenge or payback for past wrongs (not because you cheated)
9.Being a Bad Girl
10.Not enough sex

These are excuses, not reasons. In the end, "people cheat because they want to."

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