Saturday, January 12, 2013

Qualities of an Excellent Friendship

Making friends as a child is difficult. Making friends as an adult is harder. Making friends with your partner after periods of emotional distance is the hardest thing of all. How do you fix it? It should be the same steps at every level right? So, what makes friendship? What makes an EXCELLENT friendship?

1.Good communication; ability to share honestly about positive and difficult matters

2.Acknowledgement and affirmation of positive qualities in each other

3.Enjoyment of quiet, peaceful time together

4.Play, fun, and laughter

5.Acceptance; allowing both partners to be themselves

6.Support and appropriate sympathy, empathy, and help during difficulties

7.Enthusiasm for individual and shared goals and achievements

8.Loving, spiritual connection (such as through prayer, meditation, activities)



11.Trust that shared information will kept confidential and not used hurtfully

12.Reliability; trustworthiness

13.Willingness to suspend judgment and avoid jumping to conclusions

14.Common experiences and bonding memories

15.Ability to work together on projects

16.Agreed-upon boundaries and expectations

17.Shared interests

18.Willingness to learn together and from one another

19.Ability to disagree peacefully and constructively

20.Shared values

21.Ability to reconnect easily after being apart

22.Motivational feedback or nudging that constructively influences the other to grow

23.Attitude of forgiveness, not holding grudges, and willing to grant another chance

24.Respectfulness and equality

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