Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Fresh starts and new beginnings are flooding the internet via blogs and statuses. Turning a new leaf, starting over, or getting a leg up. The last year is either remembered fondly or tucked away like it never happened.  Folks follow trends, so come the 'New Year' that is their opportunity to try and change or improve. I guess in this sense I'm no different and I'm happy to report that big changes have already begun.

The first is the new apartment and new roommates!
I'm very excited about this because they are friends just as kinky as I am and don't find anything wrong with my 'job'. Within the next week or two I'm going to get my internet and computers fully setup and then camming will become a regular thing!

The second as that two of my friends have asked to "guest" star in my store! I'm very excited about that since they are both as naughty as I am. One of them knows some great bondage tricks so I'm going to have her show me the ropes (pun intended), especially since she has more rope then I do even after the last EF order I placed. The second friend seems more interested in girl on girl play.

The third is the tour I am planning in March. I'm hoping I'll be able to meet up with some of my cam girl friends again and make a butt ton of content!

Well that's the update for the new year as of now.

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