Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Old: Age or a Feeling?

Lately I've been really feeling my age, but I think that's because in the adult industry 25 is old. Whether or not you have children the classification of MILF is automatically slapped on you.

Yet I've noticed that other hit a sense of "old" faster than others. A group of my friends are almost 30 and are just now starting to feel old. While I would still classify some of my older friends (50+) as being young. Thus we come to my topic for today.

Old is not an age you can hit. Its an attitude.
If you still play, laugh and don't sweat the small stuff (and let's be serious its all technically small stuff!) then you're young.
If you don't, can't or just plain won't. Then you're old.
Plain and simple.

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