Thursday, October 4, 2012

Empowering? Or Degrading?

EdenFantasys asked: Are the sexy costumes empowering or degrading?

I've always found sexy costumes as powering but then again I believe that women had more power in the 1950s because they controlled everything behind the scenes. A true leader does not let you know that they are leading they silently pull the strings of the puppet that is out front (look at Bush and Cheney).

When it comes to Halloween costumes I find that the ones who call sexy Halloween costumes “degrading” are the ones who CAN'T wear them.

Too much self-doubt.
Too fat.
Too "professional".
Too... something that's locks up their sexuality from themselves.
Halloween has not always been a time for fun and games so now that it is why not enjoy yourself?
You only get this life once... right?
There's no 'rewind', so why not shake "what your mama gave you"?

Now don't get me wrong, it breaks my heart that the days of the original Halloween costume or the scary Halloween costume are behind most of us (not me! Don't believe me? Check out my slasher and vampire sets... sexy & scary!) But that doesn’t mean that we can’t still enjoy the holiday however we see fit.

Sometimes I wonder if people understand what degrading means. It means "disrespecting yourself", you do realize that right?

If they are comfortable wearing the costume then maybe YOU’D be degraded in their shoes but maybe they have a little more self-respect then you do and are able to full embrace their sexuality in a public forum.

Honestly, how can someone UNKNOWINGLY disrespect themselves?

If how I think of myself does not change whether I'm in a three piece suit or naked between my man’s legs, then how does it change because once a year I decide to parade around town in a naughty nurse outfit?

Get real. Women who say that dressing sexy is degrading are jealous.

Jealous of the courage.

Jealous that they don't look like that.

Jealous because they aren't allowed to dress in that manner (business rules, spouse requirements whatever)

But it just comes down to woman on woman hate for a stupid reason which in truth is what is truly humiliating.

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