Thursday, October 11, 2012

EdenFantasys: Sliquid Organics Natural (lube)

This month's EdenFantasys review is on Sliquid Organics Natural (lube).

I got the trial size, because let's face it. Unless you know something's going to be good why spend $10 when you could only spend $2?

When it comes to lubes there's not much of a grey area. It’s either yes or no. Unfortunately with this lube, it's going to be a no. I wouldn't recommend this lube. Mainly for the fact that a lube is supposed to...well lubricate.

This lube has all the qualities you want in paint. Goes on smooth. Dries quickly.
I used this lube while in the desert (Joshua Tree, California) one of the most dry places I've ever had to visit! This lube was NOT up to the challenge.

I tried it first with a hand job.
→→It was horrible! I constantly needed to reapply.

Then we tried a blowjob.
→→This lube is slightly on the bitter side and had almost a gritty feel to it in my mouth.

Last ditch effort was sex.
→→Once again this lube FAILED. The only reason we were both able to get off was because my own internal lube came to save the day!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store
Clean up is easy, it just washed off or you can use a baby wipe. Got some on your sheets? NO PROBLEM! This lube doesn't stain and easily washes away.

I also looked into some of the things other reviewers tried with the lube. One girl who lives in a similar climate to the one I was visiting said it made a much better body lotion.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store
Damn! That was the best tip every. I use it right after shaving and my legs are super soft FOR DAYS!

So this review wont end on a sour note. Sliquid Organics may make a pretty crappy lube, but it makes an AWESOME lotion.

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