Thursday, May 3, 2012

Slave Application

Committing to a lifetime or even a single session of slavery is a serious undertaking for anyone to consider. Nothing is to be rushed. Nothing is to be taken for granted. All the rules and conditions to be built up over time do not fundamentally matter as they are a means to an end: a sustainable, ever-maturing and evolving, mutually satisfying, effective and loving Master-slave partnership. Be honest, open and truthful, with yourself and your Master. Commitment, fulfillment, happiness and above all trust and clear communication are crucial, so think carefully about what you are asked here.

Filling in this form will take time. A good Master needs a thorough understanding of any slave who is placed under her control, and honesty and trust are established through clear communication, as well as good actions and training. The mental component to slavery is even more important than the physical dimensions, and this application will help a slave to begin to explore the mental side of slavery, or at the least, enable a slave to consider his reaction or attitudes to various aspects of slavery.

Good Masters need good slaves, and good slaves who submit more willingly and completely to a Master are desirable, and worthy of training. If your application is successful, I will be in touch to arrange an inspection/ interview session and to discuss your future slave development.
Good luck.

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This is a lengthy application, with questions in all kinds of different realms and ideas. It has been designed to make you think and seek within your own soul. To look at your fantasies and perceived desires and then closely look at what it is that makes those specific desires and fantasies work so well for you. Intelligent and well thought out answers are what I am looking for. The ability to construct a sentence with clarity and sound like someone of substance is also an asset.

You may take a 20 minute break after each time you complete 10 questions. You may also fill this questionnaire out in two sittings (but only if it's broken at question 50). Your train of thought will tell on you, so don't cheat. Cheaters will be punished.
During your break you will go to the bathroom, smoke, and do 10 push ups and 10 sit ups.
I will expect this questionnaire filled out fully, and completely. Failure to answer ANY question, or heading will result in automatic FAILURE. YES, this is a test.


Be aware that there is a $35 application fee due at the time of application.
There is also a session fee based on the type of session ranging from $50-$200 per session.
The session fee does not include supplies. The whelp is required to fund those as well.

Is this a problem? Don't bother explaining. I am not here to listen to you wail a pathetic song of "woe is slave". ISCOMPENSATION A PROBLEM?
You may now proceed:


Name :

Slave Name :
Is extra discretion required?
Location (city):
Email address :

Height :
Weight :

Age :
Hair Color :
Eye Color :
Ethnicity :
Nationality :
Professional status :
Marital Status :
Driving License? :
Sexuality? :
HIV Status :
Able to accommodate? :
Able to travel :
Smoke? :
If so, which brand and how many in a day? :
Drink alcohol? :
What type of alcohol and frequency? :
Take Drugs? :
What type of drugs and frequency? :
Cock Diameter - flaccid :
Cock Length - flaccid :
Cock Diameter - hard :
Cock Length - hard :
Cut/Uncut :
Testicles (S/M/L) :
Waist Size :
Leg Length :
Chest Size :
Collar Size :
Shoe size :
Head Hair? :
Facial Hair? :
Body Hair? :

Type of relationship:
□ Video Chat
□ Recorded Video
□ Text Only
□ Real Life
What would you consider yourself?
□ Performance slave (slave only during sessions)
□ Performance slave wanting to move towards being lifestyle slave
□ Lifestyle slave
□ Unsure
What fetishes do you have?
What is the most perverse thing you can picture having someone do?
What is the most perverse thing you can picture having done to you?
Are you looking for regular exchange?
How long are you looking for each session to last?


1. Do you currently have any Master-slave relationships, or regular partners?
2. Do you currently have any vanilla relationships, or regular partners?
3. Which do you consider yourself to be?
□ Exclusively Top
□ Equally top and bottom
□ Usually top, occasionally bottom
□ Usually bottom, occasionally top
□ Exclusively bottom

4. If you switch roles, which role do you feel most comfortable in?
5. Do you consider your current interest in slavery to be light, moderate or heavy?
6. Do you consider your experience of slavery to be novice, intermediate or experienced?
7. Describe your first sexual experience.
8. Describe your first Master-slave experience.
9. When was your last Master-slave scene? (Describe it)
10. List any leather, uniform, rubber or other clothing items you own.
11. List any toys, tools or equipment you own.
12. Do you have access to a playroom or dungeon? (Describe)
13. Do you have any medical or physical conditions which may effect your ability to be slave? (Explain)
14. List any dietary dislikes, allergies and preferences.


Read and contemplate the following quotes. Then, write your responses to the questions which follow, ensuring your responses are on the line beneath each question, aligned with the bullet point above and are in bold font. Answers must be written honestly, indicating what you currently believe, and not what you assume to be my beliefs or desires

Committing to a lifetime of slavery is a serious undertaking for anyone to consider.
What is commitment?
What would you find difficult about commitment?
What would prevent you from committing totally to a Master?
What are the implications of committing to this sort of lifestyle permanently?

All the rules and conditions to be built up over time do not fundamentally matter as they are a means to an end: a sustainable, ever-maturing and evolving, mutually satisfying, effective and loving Master-slave partnership.

Are you prepared to live a life governed by rules and conditions?
What if you do not agree to some of the rules and conditions demanded by your Master?
Are you prepared to be used and trained to obey these rules and conditions, even if you do not agree with them?
How would you cope with the rules and conditions changing over time, as you mature into your slavery?
Do you see a natural progression?
How do you see your slavery at the start of training? And how do you see your slavery as you mature into the role? How will you, as a slave, change over time, do you think?
How can you, as the slave, ensure the relationship is effective and mutually satisfying?

Be honest, open and truthful, with yourself and your Master.

How important is honesty?
What would prevent you from being honest?
Would you find it difficult being honest about something negative, knowing that you would possibly be punished? And if so, how could this be rectified?
Should a slave keep things from his Master? If so, what? If not, why is it important not to keep things from a Master?
How would you approach an issue you knew was in conflict with your Master?
How difficult would you find honesty?
Is being honest on paper, email, and text easier than face to face? Which is the best method of being honest?

It would be up to Master and slave to negotiate and build up our own boundaries.

How important is negotiation in a Master-slave relationship?
Should a slave have the right to negotiate?
Should a slave merely be told what to do all the time?
Should a slave be like a robot, following all orders blindly and without question from his Master?
Should a slave have the right to establish boundaries?
What if these boundaries conflict with something a Master wants to explore?
Is this sort of relationship, ultimately, an equal partnership of sorts, at least while the negotiations are taking place?
Does a slave have any rights to dictate how the relationship is going to progress?
Can a slave demand that boundaries are fixed and immutable?
Can a slave change his mind about boundaries and other things he has negotiated on?

Many slaves come into the lifestyle expecting everything to be dream-like and perfect.

What is your idea of a perfect relationship?
What qualities do you have to make a relationship perfect?
What would hinder you from establishing your perfect Master-slave relationship?
What difficulties would have to be faced, by Master and slave?
Is a perfect relationship attainable at all?
What are important factors in a Master-slave relationship?
What turns you off about slavery?
Do you have any special dreams or fantasy situation you’d like to try?
What are your best qualifications for slavery?

Be honest with yourself. Figure out what you will and will not do, and what is a maybe.

Should a slave have the right to dictate conditions?
Should a slave be able to say to his Master to go gently, or should a slave go at his Master’s pace?
Should Masters be understanding of their slaves or demand brutally exactly what they want?
Should a slave have opportunities to give feedback to his Master about what is to be done and not to be done?
How much influence should a slave have over a scene?
Should a slave be allowed to contribute ideas to the relationship?

Are you prepared to give up preferences and only listen to His music? This type of sacrifice can apply to many other things you currently enjoy

Is it reasonable for a Master to deny a slave choices of music, books, film etc?
Should a slave be directed to listen to specific types of music, read specific books without due regard to the slave’s opinions, likes and dislikes?
How easy would it be for a slave to deny his own likes in favor of his Master’s?
Should a slave be made to give up his own likes if the Master requests this?
Should a Master use force and discipline to implement his decisions on these matters?

Being tired, ill or just in a bad mood does not excuse you from your required tasks.

Is it reasonable to expect a slave to be a slave when he is ill, tired or not up to it?
How strict should a Master be in enforcing what he requires of a slave?
Should a slave have the right to say no to his Master?
How would you cope with being told to do something you were not in the mood to do?
How difficult would this part of slavery be to you?
Does a slave have the right to question his Master?

Slaves enter into this type of relationship of their own free will. This is not the day of forced slavery; it is a matter of choice, consensual slavery.

How much free will should a slave have when in the relationship?
Should a slave be forced into slavery?
Do you think you would require force to carry out your slave duties?
Does a slave have choice in his slavery, or does he merely obey?
Is force necessary?
Is it desirable?
Some slaves crave to be forced to obey. What is your opinion on this matter?
Is free will important for a slave?
How much freedom would you, as a slave, require? And in which areas?

Enter the Master-slave lifestyle with your eyes wide open, fully knowing what to expect. The road will not be an easy one.
What are you expecting from a Master-slave relationship?
What will be easy?
What will be difficult?
Is this a journey you want to make?
How sincere are you about slavery?
Ultimately, how important is slavery to you?
Are you prepared to work hard at developing your slavery?
Is the idea of slavery a passing whim in your journey through life?
How permanent do you want your slavery to be?

By this point I sincerely hope that you do realize and understand that I am very "REAL." I enjoy what I do immensely. I also firmly believe that a person should be able to earn a decent living - Doing what they enjoy.

I AM DOMINANT BY NATURE. It is something I was born with, not something I learned. I am not looking to capitalize on OUR perversity. DO NOTE THAT I SAID OUR.

YES! I do demand compensation, that is my right. What it is yet to discover is what becomes of those "TOKENS."
I will accept only true sincere ... Dedicated, and genuinely generous submissives.
If you do truly want to please me, perhaps you should not only inquire as to "A SELECT CLUB," but will also endeavor to meet the obligations that accompany this PRESTIGIOUS POSITION. This will leave me feeling slightly more contented.

I'm sure the truth will come to light soon enough. I do hope that those who are truly sincere, and committed to the notion of serving will undertake the task of making me smile.
If you do not fully understand one of the questions do not leave it blank. Continue with the questions and afterwards if you still does not comprehend you know where I may be reached.

I also want to make it very clear that what happens in the "SCENE" or session is ENTIRELY UP TO ME. Whether or not there are any sexual connotations is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT TO SLAVE.
If it hopes to receive special privileges, then I would hope that it would provide me with ample, and very good reason to extend them, or for me to even consider it.
Don't even think of asking what those privileges are. CURIOSITY IS NOT BECOMING.
IF you are chosen, and ONLY when that time comes will slave be privy to the PRIVILEGES OF ... "A SELECT CLUB."

The first set of directions is this:
THESE ARE = Respect, Obedience, Discipline.

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