Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Escape from Drama

First of all, can you believe we're almost half way through the year? I was completely floored when I had to date a check today MAY! My Baby Dahl is 5 months old as of yesterday and I'm sorry to say I'm in much of a similar place now as I was this time last year when I was pregnant with her but so much has happened to get me to this... same place two thousand miles away.

Its been almost a month since I left California and I'm feeling such a change in my mood, personality and most importantly BANK ACCOUNT! Even though I need to replace one or two tires within this next week being away from all of the drama whores of my previous location is completely wonderful. I'm shooting more, and not just my own stuff. I've had two shoots with other photographers and the images should be just amazing. Plus, they werent even nude shoots! I know, you love seeing me naked but its kind of nice to get back into fashion and art modeling where my skill as a model is what makes me appealing and not what "my momma gave me".

So I was just thinking about Exxotica. Not sure if I'm going to be able to attend this year, which really pisses me off. Last year I wanted to go to the one in Chicago and was going to meet some friends there for some great partying and content trade but then OOPS! I'm pregnant, so I promised myself that this would be my year but it looks like with all the other shit going on in my life. It might just not happen.

On the flip side I might be taking a break from my country wide travels and start back at school for another associates (just what I need ...4 associates) or I might dive deeper and start work on my bachelors. Take a moment and just focus on myself. I still have full plans of shooting my stuff as well as with local photographers but the University of Buffalo has been calling my name (and it not just because I want to shoot naughty things in their library like I did in Rochesters ^_^). Oh well, who knows where the world will take me?

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