Saturday, May 12, 2012


What a lazy day! I did NOTHING except edit and upload clips. I had such a longer list of things I wanted to get done but my energy level just didnt allow it. Yea, I know there was a lot more that I should have done.

Exxxotica is this Friday and the excitement continues to grow. I am getting giddy like a school girl with a crush. I will get to meet so many porn stars again and meet up with some old friends too.

First signature I want is Alexis Texas. She is one beautiful woman with an ass that is simply divine! I love to watch it jiggle and bounce while she does her thing. I missed her while I was in NY, but am hoping not to miss her at Exxxotica.

In related news I will be re-hiring my old assistent on the 17th, and am very excited about having him back on the Illianna Productions team! He takes care of so much of the stupid shit in my life that it makes it so much easier for me to concentrate on the bigger picture. With him back on the payroll I will be able to start concentrating more on the IMPORTANT places to travel. I'll also be able to go home! I've been missing Buffalo something so much its not even funny, and thankfully my favorite photographers are already planning my home coming!

I've also got lots of shooting planned with my favorites. Including trying to get these boots.
If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter than you know how bad I want them! I'm planning several shoots around these boots so I have until July to get them! Big goal for "just shoes" but they'll make several of the shoots that much better in my opinion.

Make sure you stay tuned for my next product review on Thursday!

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